793.94/11307: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Grew) to the Secretary of State

571. Several American correspondents are cabling extended accounts of an interview which the Prime Minister gave yesterday to Japanese [Page 724] press representatives. The following are summarized excerpts of statements on principal points of interest:

Negotiations with China: Japan does not insist that she cannot negotiate for peace because either Chiang Kai Shek or the Nationalist Party is in power. If, however, the Chinese Government pins its hope on a war of endurance, Japan is prepared for that.
Foreign government offices: There is no change in the Japanese attitude that peace must be attained through direct negotiations and without mediation, but there would be no objection to the gap being bridged by a third party.
Nine Power Treaty: It has long been evident that the treaty does not meet actual conditions in the Far East, and it is to be regretted that Japan did not at some time past propose some suitable revision. Although the Brussels Conference adjourned without formulating any plan, Japan may go so far as to withdraw from the Treaty.
Declaration of war: The Government has been studying the matter, but no conclusion has been reached; for the time being no action will be taken.

Repeated to Nanking.