793.94/10635: Telegram

The Consul General at Hankow (Josselyn) to the Secretary of State

Americans who have just arrived here report that when they left Lanchow, Kansu, early this month new pursuit planes and bombers flown by Chinese pilots were arriving at Lanchow from the north; they believed that these planes were of Russian origin and that delivery to the Chinese was made in Sinkiang or northwestern Kansu. Other planes from the same source are believed to have been despatched to Ningsia, Kuyuan (north of Kansu) and Sian. Unusually large quantities of gasoline are being shipped to Lanchow over the motor road from Sian.

The Eurasia Aviation Corporation has transferred its head office from Sian to Yunnanfu. Its German pilots have been taken off the [Page 607] Sian-Lanchow run, which is being operated by small machines with Chinese pilots. It is also reported that pressure is being brought to bear by the Chinese authorities on German missionaries and merchants to quit Lanchow.
Mongolian cavalry have been rebelling in large numbers moving from Sining (Chinghai) towards Lanchow; their destination was believed to be Shansi.

Sent to the Department, Nanking, Peiping.