793.94/9829: Telegram

The Commander in Chief, U. S. Asiatic Fleet (Yarnell) to the Chief of Naval Operations (Leahy)87

0001. Inspected sector held by Fourth Marines 7,000 yards in length completely barb wired with duplicate machine gun emplacements covering all stretches of Soochow Creek. Sector cannot be forced except by determined attack of organized forces in considerable numbers. There is no likelihood of this taking place. The following instructions have been given regarding entry of troops: “Armed Chinese or Japanese troops will not be permitted to enter the American sector of the International Settlement. Chinese troops will most probably be unorganized bodies. Every effort must be made to prevent their entry by means other than rifle fire such as tear gas. As a last resort to prevent actual entry fire may be opened. Unarmed Chinese soldiers will be permitted to enter and will be segregated under guard.[”]

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Navy Department.