793.94/9419: Telegram

The Navy Department to the Department of State18

0016. Japanese continue hold Hongkew sector with positions generally unchanged, some reinforcements to naval landing force made. Naval vessels and air force active throughout day bombing Chinese positions in Nantao, Chapei, Hongkew, Kiangwan, Pootung and Woosung. Unconfirmed reports that Japanese again bombed Sanchow [Hangchow?], Soochow and Nanking airfields. Japanese naval vessels in Yangtze reported shelled Liuho area and there are unconfirmed but persistent reports that three army divisions now enroute Shanghai from Japan. Chinese troops advanced toward Whangpoo and Woosung from Kiangwan area, numbers unknown. Pootung side Whangpoo occupied in considerable force by Chinese who have begun shelling Japanese vessels in river. Chinese bombers made two attacks during day first on Japanese Consulate, reported killing five Russians and nine Chinese, second on Japanese landing force headquarters. In spite heavy shelling and bombing, casualties [Page 425] comparatively small both sides. One hundred Augusta landing force ashore to augment Fourth Marines. Augusta at buoy 16 may have to shift berth to clear Chinese fire from Pootung, Sacramento at naval buoy.

  1. Copy of telegram, apparently from Shanghai, August 16, 9 p.m., forwarded to the Department by the Navy Department on August 16.