793.94/9392: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

490. Consular body this afternoon decided to ask Senior Consul to make three representations to the Mayor to following effect:

With reference to report said to have reached the Mayor that Japanese anti-aircraft and machine guns have been mounted on certain Japanese buildings on the Bund, the consular body was assured by Japanese Consul General that the report is altogether erroneous and that he is prepared to arrange for inspection of the site by Chinese officials designated by the Mayor to verify these assurances. If reports are found to be untrue consular body hoped that the Mayor would give the fact publicity. (On this point the Mayor said he was satisfied from the information given from various sources that the report is untrue. He refused to give publicity but said he would answer any press inquiries made to him.)
The consular body has been assured by Japanese Consul General that no Japanese war planes will fly south of the Soochow Creek [Page 417] over the foreign areas. Consular body hopes Mayor will give a similar understanding for the Chinese side. (Mayor stated that as long as the Japanese flagship remains in its present position he cannot give an understanding. I am informed by the Secretary of consular body that Japanese Consul General has stated subsequent to the meeting that the Japanese Admiral had reminded Japanese Consul General that this assurance involves military matters and that all that can be given by way of assurance is that it is the intention that no Japanese naval bombers will fly over the area.)
Consular body offer their services and put themselves at disposal of both sides in any way designed to prevent further hostilities in Shanghai area.

Sent to the Department, Nanking, and Tokyo.