Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Hamilton)

The Counselor of the Chinese Embassy telephoned Mr. Hamilton and communicated to Mr. Hamilton the substance of a cablegram which the Chinese Embassy had just received from the Chinese Foreign Office, as follows:

Situation in North China extremely grave. Tokyo has despatched 5th Division from Japan, while 10th Division is in readiness. Japanese Navy has been ordered to stand by. Japanese troops concentrated at Fengtai number over 20,000. Suggest that Embassy take up with the Department of State whether it would be possible for America to do something in a mediatory capacity.

[Page 144]

Mr. Ing stated that the last part of the telegram with reference to whether or not it would be possible for the United States to do something in a mediatory capacity was the important part of the message.

Mr. Hamilton said that he would bring the message at once to the attention of Mr. Hornbeck.