811B.01/317: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Atherton )

79. Your 83, February 19, 9 p.m.

With reference to the plans of the United States Government in regard to the Philippines, you may invite the attention of the Foreign Office to the provisions of the Independence Act of March 24, 1934,3 which, being the mandate of Congress, is the most concrete indication available of the plans of this Government in that connection. You may further inform the Foreign Office that Quezon is now in the United States for the express purpose of discussing with officials of this Government various Philippine problems and that it is the hope of this Government that these discussions will ultimately lead to the adoption of a program, mutually acceptable to both the United States and the Philippines, which will tend toward satisfactory solutions. Among subjects which may probably be discussed will be the question of the future security of the Islands. This Government may later desire to approach the British Government informally in regard to that subject.
The Department understands the embarrassment of the British Government and feels that there need develop no misunderstanding between the two Governments in the matter.
You may also point out to the Foreign Office that the United States still exercises sovereignty over the Philippine Islands and, although Quezon occupies a special position as President of the Commonwealth Government, he is by no means the head of an independent state but is an official under the Government of the United States. This Government would desire, therefore, that the British Government bear this in mind in connection with Quezon’s indicated desire to attend the coronation.
  1. 48 Stat. 456.