550.41B1/54: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Bingham)1a

The Twentieth Session of the International Labor Conference adopted, on the proposal of the United States Government delegates, a resolution2 in favor of holding a tripartite technical conference to consider improvement of conditions in the textile industry. The Seventy-seventh Session of the Governing Body of the International Labor Office adopted a resolution3 deciding to invite the Governments of all countries in which textile production forms an important part of their national economy to send delegates and technical advisers familiar with the problems of the textile industry to take part in a tripartite conference to consider all those aspects of the industry which directly or indirectly may have a bearing on the improvement of social conditions in the industry. Upon the recommendation of this Government the Governing Body decided to hold the Conference in Washington, to convene April 2, 1937.4

It is understood that a formal invitation to attend this Conference has already been extended by the International Labor Office to the British Government. You are requested to call at the Foreign Office and express orally the hope that, in view of the importance of the textile industry to British national economy, the British Government will be represented at the Conference.

Repeat mutatis mutandis to Am[erican] Embassies, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw, Moscow and Valencia; Am[erican] Legations [Page 976] Vienna, Prague, The Hague, Bern and Stockholm, and by airmail to American Consul, Calcutta.

  1. See last paragraph for instructions to repeat to certain other missions.
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