The Consul at Geneva ( Bucknell ) to the Secretary of State

No. 47 Political

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Consulate’s despatch No. 2037 Political, of February 2, 1937,10 on the subject of the Draft Convention for the Prevention of the Pollution of the Sea by Oil, and to report that during the 20th Session of the Advisory and Technical Committee for Communications and Transit, August 31–September 4, 1937, the following resolution was adopted:

“The Advisory and Technical Committee:

After having taken note of the discussion in the Second Committee of the Assembly of 1936 and at the Council meeting of October 10, 1936, in the course of which it was pointed out that the results expected of the contemplated agreement concerning the pollution of the sea by oil would not be obtained unless all countries having a large mercantile marine took part:

Expresses in its turn the hope that all governments will collaborate in settling this problem,

And requests the Secretary-General of the League to bring this resolution to the notice of governments.”

The question was not discussed in the Second Committee nor in the Assembly, but the following statement appears in the report submitted by the Second Committee to the Assembly on the work of the Communications and Transit Organization during the year 1936–1937:

“Regarding the pollution of the sea by oil, the Assembly is aware that the Council decided in October 1936 to call a Conference the agenda of which should include the conclusion of a convention and [Page 974] a final act with respect to this question. Moved by the same considerations which in 1936 led the Assembly to appeal to the Governments of important maritime countries to assist in the settlement of the problem, the Council refrained from fixing a date for the meeting of the suggested Conference. To judge from a new appeal addressed to Governments, this time by the Advisory and Technical Committee, it would appear that there are still certain difficulties in the way of carrying out the drafts drawn up with such care under the auspices of the Communications and Transit Organization.”

Respectfully yours,

Howard Bucknell, Jr.
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