561.35E1/197: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland ( Wilson )

13. The invitation of the Secretariat of the International Sugar Conference, referred to in your No. 19 of February 5, 4 p.m.,5 has been received. Please address a communication to the Secretariat stating that this Government is pleased to accept the invitation and will advise as soon as possible of the composition of its delegation. It is expected that the Philippines will be represented on the American delegation. Definite information on this point will be cabled as soon as available.6

  1. Not printed.
  2. On March 23, 1937, the Ambassador in the United Kingdom was instructed to inform the appropriate authorities that the American delegation to the International Sugar Conference had been constituted as follows: Delegates, Norman H. Davis, Chairman of the delegation, and Felipe Buencamino, delegate for the Commonwealth of the Philippines; Technical Advisers, Frederick Livesey and Robert T. Pell, of the Department of State, John B. Hutson, of the Department of Agriculture, and Clifford C. Taylor, Agricultural Attaché, American Embassy, London; Technical Adviser for the Commonwealth of the Philippines, Urbana F. Zafra; Secretary, Charles E. Bohlen. Ray Atherton, Counselor of the American Embassy, London, was appointed April 21, as additional Technical Adviser, (561.35E1/245, 306)