Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Dunn)

I called up the Canadian Minister to convey to him your desire to know whether what you said to the press yesterday in connection with Senator Ellender’s remarks on the subject of Canada coming under the Johnson Act were satisfactory to the Canadian Government. The Minister said that while he had not seen the copy of the text of the [Page 860] remarks he knew about your action and that he could say definitely that the Canadian Government was extremely appreciative of what you had done and that they felt that you had done everything that possibly could have been done by this Government in an effort to offset Senator Ellender’s statements. He expressed on behalf of his Government his deep appreciation of your prompt action in this matter and added that the Canadian Government found in its relations with this Government that the United States was always ready most generously and promptly to do anything that could be done for Canada.

I am this morning sending him a transcript of your remarks on the subject.

James Clement Dunn