640.0031/117: Telegram

The Minister in the Netherlands (Emmet) to the Secretary of State

43. Convention between Oslo states signed yesterday24 comes into force July 1st runs for 1 year. Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, [Page 840] Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in order to improve economic relations by taking common action agree to the gradual reduction of trade barriers and the abolition of crisis measures. Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands agree to admit without import restrictions other than tariffs a specified list of goods originating in and imported from the signatory states and to grant all the authorizations which may be asked for goods for which import permits are required. They also agree not to impose any fresh barriers to trade. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Dutch East Indies agree not to raise their tariffs against any of the signatory powers and not to introduce new trade restrictions with respect to articles on another list. Any new measures for restricting trade must first be discussed with other signatory powers. Governments concerned agree to examine all proposals tending to end abnormal competitive practices in foreign trade thus opening the door to the reconsideration of the most favored nation clause in the light of dumping carried out by certain countries.

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