500.C1199/278a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Geneva ( Gilbert )

115. Personal from the Secretary for Grady. The matters of importance before the Government in the field of trade and commercial policy have continued to increase both in number and importance. Many of them are now, or are approaching points at which important decisions which must be adequately prepared will be called for. Furthermore, I feel that what happens in these matters during the next few months may determine whether our whole general trade policy can be carried forward and turned into a world program, or be completely blocked by events elsewhere.

For all these reasons I feel it important that the Government have the full services for this work of those best qualified to carry it forward and it considers your role in it both in Washington and in the Committee work at Geneva secondary in importance to nothing. For all these reasons I consider it urgent for you to continue your work in these matters rather than be compelled to put them aside to undertake the duties of the Chairmanship of the Philippines Commission, which duties would be so extensive and onerous as to require all the time of the person filling that position.

I have discussed this matter with the President, who is of the same opinion.

I am aware of the fact that in order to undertake your duties on the Philippines Commission you have been compelled to work out extensive and difficult personal arrangements and that to change them now will undoubtedly be a great inconvenience to you. Please call [Page 819] upon the Department for any assistance that may be useful in making necessary rearrangements.

My personal regards. I am looking forward to having your highly valuable cooperation.