500.C1199/275: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva (Gilbert) to the Secretary of State

228. From Grady. The next meeting Economic Committee is at present tentatively set for September 6th. I shall be unable to attend due to my service with the Philippine Committee.32

[Page 817]

It has been arranged that the Bureau of the Committee will prepare a draft report which will be forwarded to members about August first. Their comments thereon will be forwarded to the Secretariat in time for a revised draft report to be prepared for the September meeting. This meeting which will be very brief will then determine the final text of the report.

The rules of the Committee provide for the naming of a personal substitute. Thompson33 attended the last session of the Committee with me and having become acquainted with my views has lent me competent assistance. The discussion in September will be a continuation of that at this meeting and I thus feel that I would be best served by naming him to represent me personally and unless some objection be seen I would greatly appreciate the Department’s permitting him to serve me in that capacity. In such an event arrangements would be made for his keeping me in touch with developments here and my conveying to him in advance the views I would desire to have expressed as occasion may arise respecting specific questions considered at the meeting. I plan to leave Geneva on Friday next and it would be useful could I receive an early response to this telegram in order to complete all arrangements before leaving. [Grady.]

  1. Joint Preparatory Committee on Philippine Affairs.
  2. Llewellyn E. Thompson, Jr., American Consul at Geneva.