500.C1112/128: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva ( Everett ) to the Secretary of State

142. Department’s telegram 58, May 10, 11 a.m. So far as can be ascertained from Geneva sources at this stage, the raw material situation remained about the same as described in my despatch 2102 Political,30 to which may be added, however, the following:

1. I learn on good authority that Stoppani who has just left London for Paris is urging the British to indicate at the next meeting a willingness to take unilateral measures to liberalize some of the present discriminatory restrictions and practices in their colonies and mandated territories. Although present indications here seem to point to a more liberal attitude on the part of the British at the next meeting the extent to which they may manifest a liberalization of their policy in practice is as yet entirely uncertain. I may be able to obtain further information after Stoppani’s return to Geneva in a few days. Leith-Ross has not yet replied to the Secretariat questionnaire.

I understand that the French are considering what position they will take in case the British follow Stoppani’s suggestion.

2. I understand that at the next meeting an endeavor will be made to develop some plan to assist financially weak states in overcoming certain of their difficulties in obtaining foreign exchange for the purchase of raw materials. Momtchiloff, one of the experts appointed after the last meeting, is sending Grady confidentially a copy of his memorandum which deals with this phase of the question.

3. Secretariat informs me that at the request of Argentine Minister here an Argentine national will probably be appointed to the Committee.

  1. Not printed.