500.C1112/92: Telegram (part air)

The Consul at Geneva ( Gilbert ) to the Secretary of State

11. Consulate’s 9, January 9, noon [11 a.m.]. The German Consul General displaying an agitated interest in the League Raw Materials Committee question called on me today stating that Berlin had instructed him to “keep in touch with me” in the matter. He reiterated in general the statements reported in my 487, December 2, 4 p.m.7 He said that Ritter8 had advised him that Berlin was annoyed and [Page 805] mystified that London had not yet approached them. He inferred Germany’s willingness to participate adding that he had reason to believe that should satisfactory arrangements be made for Germany, Berlin would obtain Rome’s participation.

It is obviously difficult to evaluate the conflicting statements in this matter and backgrounds are implied which are certainly not clear Geneva.

  1. Foreign Relations, 1936, vol. i, p. 478.
  2. K. Bitter, Director of Commercial Policy Section of the German Foreign Office.