500.A15A4 Steering Committee/521: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Sweden (Steinhardt)

8. Minister Wilson at Bern has been informed by President Motta of the Swiss Confederation, that he has been requested by the Swedish Minister at Bern to join a convention which Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium have already initialed and accepted for themselves and which, it is learned from other sources, is to be presented by Sandler at the forthcoming meeting of the Bureau of the Disarmament Conference. It is understood that the convention includes provisions for publicity on national defense expenditures and provisions for the control and publicity of arms manufacture and trade, et cetera.

Please telegraph such further information as you may be able to obtain discreetly.

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Repeat to Oslo as Department’s No. 7, Copenhagen No. 9, Brussels No. 19, The Hague No. 20.