500.A15A5/855: Telegram (part air)

The Minister in Switzerland ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State

8. I learn that Walters12 of the League Secretariat has just returned from London and has prepared a memorandum for Secretariat use of a conversation with Craigie.

According to Craigie bilateral naval negotiations are going well but the whole treaty structure will fall if Japan does not come in on the 14-inch gun limitation. If Japan does come in it will become necessary as rapidly as possible to bring in the small powers. Craigie thought this could best be done under League auspices and that it was [Page 622] possible that the Secretary General would shortly be consulted by the Foreign Office with a view to convening such a meeting.

It appears from the memorandum that negotiations are in progress with Japan on the question of the 14-inch gun.

Cipher text to London.

  1. F. P. Walters, Under Secretary General of the League of Nations.