852.01/299: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan ( Grew ) to the Secretary of State

550. Our 540, November 13, 11 a.m.

It is reported in the papers today that the Foreign Minister presented to the Cabinet for approval an instrument providing for the recognition on November 25 of the Franco regime.
The Foreign Office informally advises us that any report indicating that a decision has been reached is premature. The Foreign Office confirms that recognition of Franco regime is “under consideration” but it adds that the final decision might be in the negative. However, as an indication of the probable nature of such final decision the Foreign Office invited attention to the influence on the general international situation of the Anti-Communist Pact. We take this to mean that the decision will be in the affirmative.
It is also reported in the press that a plan is under consideration whereby Germany and Italy would recognize “Manchukuo”.21