852.24/351: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Daniels ) to the Secretary of State

84. Your 54, March 31. As the President is still out of town the substance of our 79 was taken up this morning at the Foreign Office [Page 581] with Licenciado Beteta who is acting in the absence of General Hay.45 Licenciado Beteta said that he had no information that any planes were being loaded although he knew that the President had given instructions some time ago that none were to be loaded. He said he had in the past urged upon the President the importance of not allowing anything like this to happen and even of preventing aeroplanes only partly of American origin from being sent, and then asked if we knew what branch of his Government was charged with keeping track of the planes whether it was the Department of Communications. Naturally, we could not tell him to whom the President had given the orders, but pointed out to him the possibility that the Motomar might sail directly from Tampico. He said that he would immediately make every effort to prevent its leaving with any American-made planes although he could not assure us that he would be successful in this. He also said that he would see the President, who was expected back tonight, as soon as he arrived. He expressed great concern over the matter as he said that Mexico’s word had been pledged and it was most important that Mexico should not appear in the light of having broken a promise. He added by way of information that … because of his past activities in attempting to supply airplanes for shipment to Spain was being sent to China. He asked whether the Embassy could furnish him the names of any other persons supposed to have had dealings with the Spanish Embassy here in the purchase of American-made planes. While, as the Department is aware, we have the names of several persons who have been suspected of this including … I shall await telegraphic instructions from the Department before giving him any names.

I suppose I shall hear from Beteta on this matter by tomorrow and will be guided by the result of his action in determining whether to ask for an interview with the President tomorrow.

  1. Eduardo Hay, Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs.