711.00111 Lic. Wolf, Rudolf/51/46: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France ( Bullitt )

64. Your No. 70, January 16, 3 p.m. The Minister of Bulgaria informs me that he has been instructed by his Foreign Office to warn the Bulgarian Consulate in New York to exercise unusual care in validating bills of lading for arms destined to Bulgaria. The Minister’s instruction was based upon information received by his Foreign Office from the former Spanish Minister in Sofia to the effect that a Bulgarian Consul had validated a bill of lading for arms ostensibly consigned to Varna but in reality intended for Alicante. The name “Hunzenell” was mentioned in connection with the alleged transaction.

The statements contained in the penultimate paragraph of your telegram under reference and the probability that “Hunzenell” was intended for “Hunzedal” lead to the conclusion that the alleged transaction concerned the planes exported by Wolf. The Minister of Bulgaria was informed that the Department was in possession of information indicating the possibility that a falsification of shipping documents might be contemplated in connection with a transshipment of planes from Havre. He said that he would inform his Government and that his Government would undoubtedly send appropriate instructions to its representatives in France.

Are the planes still in Havre? Has the French Government given you any intimation of its attitude in this case?