852.2221/243: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Bullitt ) to the Secretary of State

242. With reference to the Department’s [my] telegram 89, January 22, 2 p.m.,35 the President of the Republic yesterday signed a decree prohibiting (1) any French citizen from entering the service of armed forces in Spain or its possessions including Morocco, (2) all [Page 480] enrollment or recruiting for such service on French territory, (3) any person either French or foreign with the exception of Spanish from leaving French territory for such a purpose, (4) passage in transit across French [territory] of such volunteers.

A further decree by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Interior (1) rules that French passports are not good for Spain or its possessions including Morocco, (2) prohibits any one with the exception of Spaniards from crossing the frontier into Spain unless their passports have special visa for such passage given by the French authorities.

Another decree by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Air, Public Works and National Economy (1) provides that no French company may sell tickets for rail, steamer, or air transportation into Spain except on presentation of a passport duly visaed for such travel, (2) prohibits flying within 10 kilometres of the Spanish border except by regular commercial air lines. Copies to London, Rome, Berlin, Geneva.

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