500.A15A4 Steering Committee/575: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva ( Bucknell ) to the Secretary of State

1086. A report communicated to the Council on September 14 outlines the status of arms limitations resulting from the resolution of the Bureau meeting of May 31. It states that definite replies have been received from 16 governments, including Great Britain, France and Japan. Germany and Italy have not replied.

The report concludes:

“As the number of replies received up to the present is not very considerable, I would propose that the Council should, for the moment, limit itself to taking note of the present report and adjourn to its next session the question of the date of the next meeting of the Bureau.”

The “next session” refers to that of the Council as it will be constituted after the impending election of new members. It is expected the Bureau will meet at the end of this Assembly session to consider the replies received in accordance with paragraph (2), Bureau’s resolution of May 31, 1937.45

  1. An insufficient number of replies having been received, the Council did not take any decision to fix a date for a subsequent session of the Bureau.