724.34119/14: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Weddell ) to the Secretary of State

112. From Gibson. I asked Cruchaga57 this morning what he proposed to do about his plan reported in my No. 103, June 25, 10 p.m. He replied that he was discouraged and disgusted and proposed to do nothing further beyond leaving a copy with Saavedra Lamas. He said that he was leaving tomorrow morning, convinced that his presence here was not only productive of no good but that there was definite resentment on the part of Saavedra Lamas of any constructive ideas which he or anybody else might advance.

He said that he had gone over his plan with both the Bolivian and Paraguayan delegations, that the Bolivians were entirely unreasonable and apparently under an illusion that they had won the war, and that he feared that this would be extremely difficult. He stated that the Paraguayan delegation while properly firm about maintaining their interests had been more reasonable in the discussions. [Gibson.]

  1. Miguel Cruchaga Tocornal, Chilean Minister for Foreign Affairs.