817.00/8257: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua (Lane)

39. Legation’s despatch 979a, August 13. The alleged interview referred to by La Prensa of course never took place. However the Department believes that in view of President Sacasa’s strong statement, transmitted with your 989 of August 15,74 no denial by the Legation is necessary and that in fact a denial after the considerable time that has elapsed since the publication of the original article would only serve to recall the article to people’s minds and might actually prejudice the interests of the Nicaraguan Government. You may in your discretion inform President Sacasa of the foregoing. If President Sacasa still insists that he believes a denial by the Legation is needed the Department will again give consideration to your recommendation in that sense.

It is inevitable that as the time for elections approaches charges involving the United States Government or its representatives will be made with increasing frequency. Experience has shown that in general denial of such charges in Nicaragua only serves to dignify them and to encourage newspaper publishers to print additional charges for the express purpose of obtaining the Legation’s denial. The Department would be willing to consider authorizing you to make a statement calling attention to recent articles in which false references have been made to the Department or to the Legation, stating further that the Legation reiterates the determination of the United States Government not to intervene in the internal affairs of Nicaragua and that reports to the contrary are obviously untrue, and giving notice that the Legation does not intend in the future to dignify any reports of this character which may be published by specific denial. If you consider that such a statement might be useful you should transmit the recommended wording to the Department by air mail.

  1. Not printed.