The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Nicaragua ( Warren )

No. 356

Sir: There is enclosed a copy of a memorandum35 of conversation between an official of the Division of Latin American Affairs in the Department of State and Dr. Federico Sacasa,36 Señor Guillermo Tünnerman,37 and Dr. Henri DeBayle, with particular reference to the trade agreement now being negotiated between the United States and Nicaragua. It will be noted that both Dr. Sacasa and Señor Tünnerman have expressed themselves in entire agreement with the purposes of the trade agreements program and have stated their intention to strongly urge President Sacasa to bring about the early conclusion of such an agreement with the United States.

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Following the return to Nicaragua of Dr. Federico Sacasa and Señor Tünnerman, you are instructed to seek an interview with President Sacasa and refer to the conversation reported in the enclosed memorandum. You will refer to the apparent lack of interest in the trade agreements program in Nicaragua as evidenced by the delay on the part of the Nicaraguan Government in studying requests of this Government and in presenting its own requests, and ask President Sacasa whether Nicaragua really desires to negotiate a trade agreement with the United States at the present time.

You may reiterate the hope of this Government that Nicaragua will wish to conclude a trade agreement, and in this connection you may appropriately refer to the considerations which would seem to make such an agreement of advantage to Nicaragua, as set forth in the memorandum of conversation enclosed and likewise in the enclosure to the Department’s instruction No. 279 of June 21, 1935.38

Please inform the Department promptly of the nature of President Sacasa’s reply.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre
  1. Not printed.
  2. Brother of the President of Nicaragua and a justice of the Supreme Court of Nicaragua.
  3. Assistant Manager of the National Bank of Nicaragua.
  4. Not printed.