The Minister in Nicaragua (Lane) to the Secretary of State

No. 940

Sir: Pursuant to the Department’s air mail Instruction No. 292 of July 16, 1935 (no file number), transmitting the revised general provisions which the United States desires to have incorporated into [Page 823] the proposed trade agreement with Nicaragua, I have the honor to state that I delivered a Spanish and an English copy of the revised provisions to the Minister for Foreign Affairs this afternoon under cover of an Aide-Mémoire,20 a copy of which I enclose herewith.

As there were certain typographical or grammatical errors in the Spanish text of the revised provisions, I took the liberty of making the necessary corrections, as follows:

[Here follow several typographical corrections in the Spanish translation.]

I suggest that the Department’s copy be corrected accordingly.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs informed me after reading my Aide-Mémoire that he hoped by next week to be able to reach an agreement with us on the general bases of the general provisions. He expressed the hope, however, that the Department’s views on specific tariffs, as will be expressed in Schedule I, be received as soon as possible, in order that they may be given prompt consideration.

Apparently the Congress is still in session, but I do not anticipate any action with a view to passage of the proposed three-column tariff bill.

Within the next day or two I shall hope to have a conversation with the President and with the Minister of Finance, with a view to expediting the favorable consideration of the general provisions, as submitted by the Department.

Respectfully yours,

Arthur Bliss Lane
  1. Not printed.