The Ambassador in Mexico (Daniels) to the Secretary of State

No. 2441

Sir: With reference to the Department’s instruction number 603 of February 2, 1935 (file 812.76/189), I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of a communication74 received from the Foreign Minister in which he transmits a table showing the distribution of amateur frequency bands in Mexico for radio-telephony and radio-telegraphy. He adds that these changes have been made in conformity with the practice now being followed in the United States.

I am likewise enclosing a copy of a notification74 which is being sent to all amateurs in Mexico, advising them of these changes.

The modifications have aroused much bitterness among Mexican amateurs, who, when they complained to the Mexican communications authorities, were informed that the changes had been made at the suggestion of the American Embassy. Of course, such a statement is not in accordance with the facts, but it enabled the Radio Communication Section to divert criticism from the Mexican Government to the American Government. I am informed that the Mexican amateurs are arranging a protest meeting this week and that the usual charges will be made of Yankee domination in Mexican affairs.

In this connection, the Embassy pointed out to amateurs who have come to the Chancery to complain, that any changes that have been made by the Mexican authorities are in conformity with the Conventions of 1928 [1927] and 1932, to which Mexico is a voluntary party.

Respectfully yours,

Josephus Daniels
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