The Secretary of State to Representative Monaghan64

My Dear Mr. Monaghan: I have received your letter of June 5, 1935,65 in which you suggest that the American Embassy in Mexico City institute an inquiry relative to the facilities for Divine worship available to American citizens in certain States of Mexico.

In reply, I may say that it is a matter of common knowledge that, while in some of the Mexican States there are facilities for Divine worship available to the inhabitants thereof, in others, where churches have been closed by the State authorities or where, even though the churches remain open, ministers of religion are not allowed to function or are not functioning due to the imposition of regulations with which they feel they can not comply consistently with the rules of their respective church organizations, facilities for public religious worship under the local laws are either non-existent or are strictly limited. However, the information before the Department does not indicate that in any of the Mexican States is there discrimination against citizens of the United States in the application of the laws and regulations pertaining to the exercise of religious worship, such laws being of general application.

Sincerely yours,

Cordell Hull
  1. Joseph P. Monaghan, Representative from Montana.
  2. Not printed.