The Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs (Reed) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Moore)

Dear Mr. Moore: Reference is made to recent newspaper despatches, attributing to Senator Borah a statement that thousands of religious refugees have entered the United States from Mexico.

The Chief of the Visa Division of the Department, who was consulted on the subject, advises me in a memorandum dated February 6, 1935, to the following effect:

“Word has been received from Mr. Wixon, of the Department of Labor, that all the replies are in to his telegraphic inquiries (sent following our inquiries) to the three border District Directors asking for the number of persons admitted during the past thirteen months who have sought refuge in the United States from Mexico because of the religious situation in the latter country.

[Page 789]

“The complete figures covering the whole border for the thirteen month period are as follows:

Clergy 110
Nuns 24
Catholic teachers 10
Members of the laity 30
Total 174

“When asked whether these persons had been admitted temporarily or for permanent residence, Mr. Wixon replied that he had no definite information on this point, but assumed that they were all admitted temporarily by the border immigration officials.”

Edward L. Reed