611.1531/76: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Honduras (Gibson)

20. Your despatch No. 1413 of May 10, 1935, transmitting draft Schedule II. You may advise the Foreign Minister informally that the Honduran requests are being studied and that we hope to decide shortly on what action, if any, is possible on all of the items specified and at your discretion you may advise him that while it will be impossible to meet Honduras’ desires in all respects, we are confident a satisfactory list of concessions will result.

A concession on woven hats is apparently precluded because Honduras is a negligible supplier of this market, no imports being recorded for recent years. It is suggested that you forward by airmail all available data on this subject in order that experts here may determine whether there is any feasible way of differentiating under our tariff between Honduran woven hats and similar hats supplied in large quantities by Italy, Colombia, Ecuador and the Orient.

What effect will inability to meet all of Honduras’ requests on Schedule II have on Schedule I as approved by Honduras?