The Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras (Lay)

No. 671

Sir: With reference to the Department’s instruction No. 664, of February 5, 1935, transmitting a list of concessions and assurances which this Government is seeking from Honduras in connection with the proposed trade agreement between the two countries, I am now enclosing a draft of the General Provisions6 which the United States desires to have incorporated into the trade agreement. There are also enclosed two copies of an informal Spanish translation of the General Provisions.

Please present the English draft of these provisions to the Honduran Government, together with an aide-mémoire,7 the text of which is furnished in Enclosure No. 3 of this instruction. You may likewise, in your discretion, supply the Foreign Minister with a copy of the provisions translated into Spanish, making it clear, however, that the translation is informal and unofficial, and that it is furnished solely for the Honduran Government’s convenience.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre
  1. For text of the Standard General Provisions, see vol. i, p. 541.
  2. Not printed.