838.51/2992: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti ( Gordon ) to the Secretary of State

84. See last paragraph section first, my telegram No. 80, September 7, 2 p.m. After a final conference with de la Rue yesterday morning on the proposals concerning the method of refunding the 1922 loan which he prepared, he saw the Foreign Minister whom he reports to be entirely sympathetic and receptive to these proposals. This morning De la Rue further saw the Minister of Finance who offered no objections.

The Foreign Minister expressed the desire that de la Rue should forthwith proceed to the United States to work out the details of these proposals with the Department and the fiscal agent. De la Rue and I in our discussions had foreseen such a request and had naturally decided that it should emanate from the President; accordingly he has an appointment tomorrow with the President at which the Foreign Minister will probably also be present.

It now appears most probable that the President will prove to be of the same mind as the Foreign Minister and will renew the request. Accordingly, if the Department perceives no objection I think it would be well for de la Rue to get this matter under way as soon as possible and he is prepared to take the airplane either Friday or Saturday depending on available reservations.