838.51/2964: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Haiti ( Chapin )

31. Your 68, August 23, 2 p.m. Please call on President Vincent and say that your Government has been surprised, in view of the cooperation which has existed between our two Governments in Haitian financial matters, to learn that the Haitian Government has apparently made certain arrangements regarding new foreign financing on a large scale without any prior discussion whatsoever with the Fiscal Representative or with this Government. You may say that the Foreign Minister has expressed to you the hope of the Haitian Government [Page 670] for the active and sympathetic concurrence of the American Government in respect to the proposal, but that obviously it is impossible for this Government to form any opinion when it has been kept so completely in the dark regarding the matter. You should make it clear that this Government is not expressing any objection on the merits of the proposal, whatever they may be, but that it has experienced considerable surprise at the fact that the Haitian Government, in view of our every effort to cooperate in connection with Haiti’s finances, should have seen fit to keep us so entirely uninformed of these negotiations.