724.3415/4912: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

58. Last night Foreign Ministers of Brazil and Argentina handed to Bolivian and Paraguayan Foreign Ministers for transmission to their Governments a suggested substitute truce formula to be signed by Elío43 and Riart44 if acceptable, representing an attempt to harmonize the views thus far communicated by these latter representatives. Translation is as follows:

  • Section I.
    Direct negotiations will be carried on by the Chancellors of the belligerent countries, in the presence of the mediators.
    Within 10 days, His Excellency the President of the Argentine Nation will convene the Peace Conference in order solemnly to ratify the result of the direct negotiations or, in the event of their failure, to organize arbitration with a view to obtaining peace.
  • Section II. The position of the conflicting armies will be fixed as follows:
    A 12-days’ armistice will be agreed upon in order that a neutral military commission, formed by representatives of the mediators and of the belligerents, may fix intermediate lines between the positions of the belligerents, having in view the maintenance of the armies at minimum sacrifice on the part of the belligerent governments and nations.
    The Neutral Military Commission will exercise vigilance in order that the lines of the positions established be maintained, and it will decide as regards the modifications which the experience of those lines may make advisable.
    The time limit indicated under letter (a) having elapsed, the Peace Conference will decide concerning its extension.
  • Section III. The declaration of August 3, 1932 is recognized by the belligerents.
  • Section IV. The direct negotiations shall begin by determining the conditions and guarantees necessary to reach the definitive cessation of hostilities.
  • Section V. Complying with the humane sentiments of the mediators and the belligerents, firing will be suspended within (blank).

At Commission meeting this afternoon Bolivian Foreign Minister read a reply from his Government largely accepting above formula but containing certain modifications. Following this Paraguayan Foreign Minister advised that he was without reply from his Government but would immediately press for an answer.

  1. Tomás Manuel Elío, Bolivian Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Luis A. Riart, Paraguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs.