816.51C39/344: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in El Salvador (Corrigan)

17. Department’s instruction No. 87, March 20.31 The Department is informing the Bondholders Protective Committee that it assumes that the Committee is willing to give the Department prompt assurance not only that no provision will be embodied in any agreement which the Committee may reach with the Republic of El Salvador which will prevent non-depositing bondholders from receiving no less favorable treatment than depositing bondholders, without having to wait until the maturity of their bonds to receive the payments on their coupons, but that on the other hand such non-depositing bondholders will be assured of no less favorable treatment than that given to depositing bondholders.

You are authorized to communicate the above orally to the appropriate authorities of the Government of El Salvador and to the Committee’s representative in San Salvador.

  1. Not printed.