Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs (Beaulac)

Mr. Lisman21 called on Mr. Wilson22 by appointment. He told him that the letter dated January 22,23 of which he had sent him a copy on the same date, had left for Salvador by air mail, and he would appreciate it if the Department would instruct Dr. Corrigan24 to informally encourage the Salvadoran Government to accept the modifications to the ad referendum agreement of December 2125 outlined in that letter.

Mr. Wilson said that we would be glad to authorize Dr. Corrigan, in the event he saw no objection, to approach the Salvadoran Government informally and, while making it very clear that we were not [Page 569] supporting any particular proposal, to express the hope that an agreement might be reached satisfactory to both parties. Mr. Lisman said that this was all he could expect the Department to do in the matter.

Mr. Lisman appeared most anxious that the Salvadoran Government should not terminate its conversations and the temporary agreement on January 31 in the event that the new ad referendum arrangement had not been agreed to by that time.

Willard L. Beaulac
  1. F. J. Lisman, chairman of the Bondholders Protective Committee for the Republic of El Salvador.
  2. Edwin C. Wilson, Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Frank P. Corrigan, American Minister in El Salvador.
  5. Not printed; for report on the signing of this temporary agreement, see despatch No. 126, December 22, 1934, Foreign Relations, 1934, vol. v, p. 277.