The Minister in El Salvador (Corrigan) to the Secretary of State

No. 365

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Department’s instruction No. 139 dated August 1, 1935, directing the Legation to request the Salvadoran Government to name an official empowered to conduct conversations with the Legation in regard to the provisions of the proposed Trade Agreement between the two countries, and to report to the Department that I called on Doctor Araujo, Minister for Foreign Affairs, yesterday, accompanied by Secretaries Fisher and Cochran.13

Doctor Araujo stated that he was in accord with all measures for promoting the peace of the world and he believed that the ideas motivating the United States in its desire to restore world trade were in harmony with this program. The Salvadoran Government will cooperate with us in the effort to conclude a trade agreement which will be a part of the general effort being made by Secretary of State Hull to restore world trade to normal levels. He said that the Ministry of Finance must consider the revenue features of the proposed treaty. They have from this standpoint been studying the rates proposed in Schedule I. His Ministry is comparing the General Provisions with the treaties now in effect. The Minister promised to request immediately that the Treasury name one or more individuals to represent the government in conversations with the Legation which would speedily determine how many of the requested concessions could be agreed upon.

Respectfully yours,

Frank P. Corrigan
  1. William P. Cochran, Jr., Third Secretary of Legation.↩