The Secretary of State to the Minister in El Salvador ( Corrigan )

No. 78

Sir: With reference to previous correspondence on the proposed trade agreement between the United States and El Salvador, I am enclosing two copies of the Standard General Provisions2 which, it is contemplated, the United States will propose for inclusion in the various trade agreements it is negotiating. These are supplied you for your own information, since it is not planned to present these to the Government to which you are accredited until studies have been completed on the concessions and assurances which this Government will seek in connection with the Agreement.

The Department would appreciate, however, any suggestions you may make with regard to these provisions. You should also indicate whether, in your opinion, it will expedite consideration of the Agreement if an informal Spanish translation of these provisions is furnished the Government to which you are accredited. Such a translation has been made in the Department, and will be supplied you later, if you so request.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Francis B. Sayre