822.00 Revolutions/70: Telegram

The Minister in Ecuador (Gonzalez) to the Secretary of State

45. In view of certain election of conservative candidate the President and the entire Cabinet resigned yesterday. The armed forces took over and delegated the power to Federico Paez. Constitution of 1906 substituted in so far as it does not conflict with reforms contemplated. Paez a Socialist has announced intention to initiate immediately downright social reforms. Congress unofficially informed that it has been dissolved.

Since the government established is a de facto military dictatorship the question of recognition arises. Majority of armed forces excepting Guayaquil appear favorable but dissension is growing. Left bloc is not satisfied and is advocating designation of Larrea Alba28 as dictator. Conservatives are intransigent and are preparing opposition. Attitude of Guayaquil is serious in view of Larrea’s arrival there tomorrow. Potentialities of situation are extremely disquieting.

  1. Col. Luis Larrea Alba, deported in February 1935 by order of President Velasco Ibarra.