822.00/1112: Telegram

The Minister in Ecuador (Gonzalez) to the Secretary of State

40. In view of mob violence against opposition members of the Senate, failure of the Executive to afford adequate police protection and refusal of the Minister of War to use the Army for that purpose, the Senate majority last night resolved that it will not attend further sessions.

The President this morning issued a decree which declared this action unconstitutional and provides the following:

the convocation of a constitutional assembly for October 12th;
the election of assemblymen by direct vote September 15th in conformity with electoral decree to be issued immediately;
constitutional assembly after promulgating new constitution to designate new President;
political constitution of 1906 declared in force until October 12th.

Leaders of the opposition are being arrested and imprisoned.

While the action taken by the President is obviously unconstitutional it appears to give expression to the profound desire of the more rational people to remedy the untenable political system reported on page 5 of my despatch 98, August 8th.