339.115 General Motors Export Co./154: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic ( Schoenfeld ) to the Secretary of State

74. Italian Minister informs me this afternoon that he saw Minister of Foreign Affairs this morning. Minister of Foreign Affairs began by stating to the Italian Minister that as the Barletta case was in the hands of the courts he was unable to give an answer to his note reported in my No. 68, May 18. Italian Minister replied that his Government could not accept the thesis implied in statement of Minister of Foreign Affairs as to independence of courts and that if this were the response of the Dominican Government he would have to telegraph his Government to that effect and asked that note in this sense be sent him. Minister of Foreign Affairs thereupon asked Italian Minister to defer telegraphing his Government in such sense and that he would receive an answer tomorrow. Italian Minister promised not to telegraph Rome until tomorrow. Italian Minister informs me that at the request of Brache he is having an interview with latter this afternoon.

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