339.115 General Motors Export Co./136: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

63. My telegram No. 61 yesterday.18 Italian Minister informed me last night that on telephone request from Barletta late yesterday afternoon and in the automobile of Garcia Mella19 which was sent for him he called at the prison and had conversation with Barletta and Garcia Mella. The latter informed the Italian Minister that bail might now be reduced from figure previously mentioned to $100,000 and after few minutes conversation he indicated amount might further be reduced to $50,000. Garcia Mella reiterated Government’s admission of Barletta’s innocence. Latter said he would be guided entirely by the wishes of his own Government as to the matter of posting bond and asked Italian Minister for advice. Italian Minister answered that he could not properly give any advice without con-stilting Italian Government. Garcia Mella spoke of necessity of posting bond in order to save “Dominican Government’s pride”.

I think Italian Minister is of opinion that Barletta should be released without bail especially as both Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of State for the Presidency have repeatedly stated, and latter stated again yesterday, that Dominican Government admits Barletta’s innocence.

In view of foregoing I think it would be helpful if Department would authorize me by telegraph at this time to act as recommended in the last paragraph of my despatch No. 2483, May 10.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Dominican Secretary of State for the Presidency.