724.3415/4845: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( Cox ) to the Secretary of State

37. Embassy’s 36, May 9, noon.36 At meeting of Minister for Foreign Affairs, Brazilian, Chilean, and Peruvian Ambassadors and myself this afternoon, Saavedra Lamas stated that he was taking the initiative in advancing the organizing of the mediating group in view of repeated indications from La Paz and Washington urging haste, of impending meeting of League Consultative Committee and Assembly scheduled for May 16 and 20th respectively, and of favorable opportunity afforded by forthcoming visits here of Brazilian President and Bolivian Foreign Minister, the latter leaving La Paz for Buenos Aires on May 17. He also referred to exhaustion of Bolivia and Paraguay and present equilibrium of their armies as advantageous for speedy action.

Saavedra Lamas said that Argentina, Chile, and Peru were in full accord with the Brazilian suggestion that Uruguay be invited to join the mediating group and the United States of America the economic conference and that representatives present, even though meeting informally, could extend such invitations. Accordingly, it was agreed that he should be authorized to invite Uruguay in the name of all to attend a meeting Saturday afternoon at the Foreign Office for the purpose of definitely constituting herself a part of the mediating group. I said that while I had no instructions with regard to the present meeting I felt certain my Government would welcome Uruguay’s inclusion. It was further proposed to invite the United States of America at the May 11th meeting to participate in the economic conference.

I inquired whether he planned the discussion of further points on Saturday. Saavedra Lamas stated that he considered the fundamental question was to obtain the cessation of hostilities as the first step towards a definite accord and that with the Bolivian Foreign Minister here it would be possible for the mediating group more effectively to bring Bolivia and Paraguay together on this essential requirement. The view was advanced that if cessation of hostilities [Page 54] could thus be obtained the League would postpone any further action and leave the American states to settle the problem.

Saavedra Lamas also remarked that Bolivia had suggested the inclusion of Mexico in the mediation, that he personally had no objection but that such a step would probably lead to further requests and it was vital to limit size of group.

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