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The Minister in the Dominican Republic ( Schoenfeld ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2436

Sir: Referring to my despatch No. 2417 of April 25, 1935,9 I have the honor to enclose a letter under today’s date9 from Mr. Libert Marcus, Vice President of the Dominican Tobacco Company, C. por A., a largely American-owned enterprise, with regard to a proposed fine in the amount of $2,000 which may be assessed upon the company for alleged violation of certain Dominican internal revenue legislation, namely paragraph 17 of Law No. 858 of March 19, 1935. This law was reported in my despatch No. 2324 of March 26 [No. 2349 of April 1], 1935.9

I also enclose a copy with translation of a report dated April 25 [20], 1935,9 by three internal revenue inspectors setting forth the circumstances which apparently occasioned the proposed levy of the fine, together with a copy and translation9 of a statement dated April 22, 1935, by the company explaining the incident.

It will be noted that Mr. Marcus’ letter enclosed solicits the assistance of the Department in this matter. Mr. Marcus tells me orally today that, while the matter of the possible payment of the fine of $2,000 is not regarded as in itself of great significance, in view of the losses which the company has already suffered by virtue of the imprisonment of its president and the boycott against the company’s products, as previously reported, he believes that, in the special circumstances of the case, the Department may wish to authorize the Legation to make appropriate representations to the Dominican Government. It might be consonant with representations already made to the Dominican Government, in pursuance of the Department’s telegram [Page 485] No. 13 of April 22, to bring this matter to the Government’s attention, and I respectfully request instructions.

Respectfully yours,

H. F. Arthur Schoenfeld
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