339.115 General Motors Export Co./23: Telegram

The Minister in the Dominican Republic (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

29. Department’s telegram 13, April 22. I delivered to the Minister for Foreign Affairs this morning memorandum directed. The Minister [Page 483] assured me that no action prejudicial to the interests of the Penn Tobacco Company in the Dominican Company will be taken and was inclined to deny that any action detrimental to the latter company had been taken. He was not very insistent as to the latter point however. I believe delivery of memorandum will have beneficial effect.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that law reported in my despatch 2407 [2398]7 will not be applied retroactively even to Barletta’s property interests. It is not yet certain that law has been or will be promulgated by the President.

Marcus informs me today that as vice president of the company he advised Internal Revenue Office officially yesterday that Dominican Tobacco Company would suspend operations “for a period longer than 22 hours and for an indefinite time”. He says he is leaving matter of reopening the factory in abeyance until Barletta’s case is disposed of.

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