711.32/52: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Gibson)

1. Your 352, December 27, 7 p.m. Please express to the Minister for Foreign Affairs the deep and sincere appreciation of this Government for the friendly spirit manifested by the Brazilian Government in the conversation held with you by Dr. Macedo Soares. You may say that this Government will, of course, gladly welcome all information of any character which the Brazilian Government may care to communicate to it.

In view of the strained relations which apparently exist between the Brazilian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Ambassador Aranha, it might be advisable for you to say that you have been instructed to receive all information which the Brazilian Minister for Foreign Affairs may deem fit to communicate to this Government on the subject matter mentioned in his conversation with you.

For your personal information. I assume that the reports referred to by Dr. Macedo Soares are in a general way the same as those which Aranha has already communicated to me as emanating from his colleague in Tokyo.

Please cable the Department the summary of such information as may be communicated to you by the Brazilian authorities in the event that in your judgment it seems to be of immediate importance.