724.3415/4761a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Argentina (Cox)19

31. Please call upon the Minister for Foreign Affairs and inform him that this Government, of course, would view with the greatest regret the failure of Brazil to participate in the Chaco peace negotiations, since it considers that the collaboration of Brazil would be of the utmost value. From a statement made by Dr. Cruchaga to our Embassy in Santiago and from a message received here some days ago through the Argentine Ambassador, this Government is informed that the omission of Brazil from the list of states selected to take part in the proposed economic conference was due solely to a regrettable error. This Government is further advised by messages through the Paraguayan and Bolivian Legations in Washington that the two belligerent Governments both desire the active participation of Brazil in the peace negotiations. Should the Governments of Argentina, Chile and Peru deem it desirable, and should the two belligerent governments be in accord, the Government of the United States would be very happy to join with the Governments of Argentina, Chile, and Peru in addressing a joint appeal to Brazil to participate in the peace negotiations on the understanding that the omission of Brazil from the list of states to take part in the economic conference was due solely to a typographical error and that the other mediating nations, as well as the belligerent countries, unanimously desired Brazilian participation in that conference.

You may further state for Dr. Saavedra Lamas’s confidential information that the text of the Brazilian reply was not discussed with this Government before it was drafted and that this Government has, of course, not indicated in any way that it desired to be represented at the proposed economic conference. In fact, as stated in the 17th [Page 36] article of the proposed modifications to the League recommendations, the states designated to take part in the proposed economic conference are “neighboring states,” and there would consequently seem to be no logical reason why the United States should participate therein.

You may likewise say that this Government stands ready to be of all appropriate assistance in joining with the other mediating powers in finding some solution of the present difficulty, which will make it possible for Brazil to collaborate wholeheartedly in these peace efforts.

  1. A similar message was sent to the Ambassador in Chile as telegram No. 21.