The Chargé in Mexico (Norweb) to the Secretary of State

No. 2466

Sir: I have the honor to refer to previous correspondence concerning special or touring flights in countries which are parties to the Havana Convention on Commercial Aviation, and the interpretations put by the American and Mexican Governments on Article IV of that Convention. Specific reference is made to the Department’s instruction number 399 of June 27, 1934.11 A note containing the substance of that instruction was sent to the Foreign Office on July 11, 1934, but no reply was ever made.

Since an impasse has apparently been reached in the efforts of the American and Mexican Governments to agree on the interpretation of Article IV of the Havana Convention, I respectfully request instructions as to whether this matter is to be kept before the attention of the Mexican Government. If so, the Department may wish to supplement its previous instructions.12

Respectfully yours,

R. Henry Norweb
  1. Foreign Relations, 1934, vol. iv, p. 508.
  2. No instruction in reply to this despatch has been found in Department files.