Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Welles)

The Brazilian Ambassador called to see me this morning at my request. I communicated to him the contents of the cable received from the American Embassy in Rio, No. 62, March 18, 6 p.m. and I [Page 20] likewise communicated to him the contents of the cable received from the American Legation in Asunción, No. 18, March 18, noon.

The Ambassador then read to me a cable which he had just received from his Government advising that Paraguay had requested Brazil through the Brazilian Minister in Asunción to invite the United States and Uruguay to take part in any mediation proceedings that might be undertaken by any group of American republics and stating that Paraguay would not agree to accept mediation headed by Argentina and Chile unless Brazil, the United States, and Uruguay joined in the proceedings. The Ambassador said that his Government had replied to this message that Brazil had not agreed in any way to join Argentina, Chile and Peru in any peace mediation at this moment and that in no event would Brazil agree to take part unless the United States joined. The Brazilian Government further stated that it had not as yet received any concrete information from Argentina and Chile and that it was not advised of the attitude of the two belligerents to such proposals as may have been made by Argentina and Chile.

The Ambassador further stated that information received by the Brazilian Minister both in La Paz and in Asunción was to the effect that neither Government had committed itself in any way as to any suggestions for a peace conference which might have been proffered either by Argentina or Chile and that in the case of Bolivia, the latter Government was definitely hostile to the idea …

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